Stylish Closet Organizer Ideas to Instantly Double Your Closet Storage

Closet organizers in neat and tidy closet with closets hanging on three racks.

If you're looking for a closet organizer that will magically make even the tiniest closet feel like a walk-in closet, we've found the organizers that can make it a reality. From a hanging shoe rack that maximizes vertical space, to a super-slim hanger that lets you store more clothing, these clever closet organizers will transform your wardrobe.


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Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers

It may sound like a small change, but swapping out your bulky clothes hangers for these incredibly slim ones will more than double your closest space. You may not notice it, but if you're currently using a mismatched collection of hangers collected over the years, they're not only taking up unnecessary space on your closet bar, but they're also making your closet look more disorganized. Invest in this thin matching set and you'll be surprised how much clothing you can fit in your closet—not to mention how much tidier it looks.

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10-Compartment Natural Canvas Hanging Shoe Organizer

If an over-the-door shoe organizer makes you feel like you're living in a dorm room, upgrade to this hanging shoe organizer that hooks onto the bar in your closet. With ten compartments, this clever closet organizer can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes, yet the slim vertical design means it takes up less space than a winter coat. Have a large shoe collection? We recommend ordering two.

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Lynk Tall White Solid Shelf Dividers

If your current closet organizing method includes throwing every sweater you own onto the shelf, it's time to reevaluate. Instead of wasting valuable space (and time trying to find your favorite cardigan in the morning), order a couple sets of shelf dividers. They slip right onto the shelf to create separate slots for sweaters, t-shirts, or folded jeans. Not only does this closet organizer provide a spot for everything you own, but it will help you break bad habits by preventing the clothing pileup.

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Umbra Pendant Scarf and Accessory Holder in Copper

If you have more scarves than you know how to store, invest in this smart scarf organizer that clips onto the bar in your closet and has spaces to hold up to 15 scarves. An added bonus: When all of your scarves are left out on display, you're much more likely to reach for a new one rather than just grab the one on the top of the drawer.

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Umbra Stash Over-the-Rod Pocket

Make your hangers work even harder by slipping these covers over them. The hanger will continue to hold your dress, coat, or jacket, while the pockets in the cover are the perfect spot to stash your earbuds or watch so you can quickly grab them while you're getting dressed for the day.

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YAMAZAKI Home Smart Folding Over-the-Door Hook

The back of your closet door is a big blank slate for storage solutions. Slide this handy hook onto the top of the door, and when you need an extra spot to stash an overflow of coats, pull down the folding storage hook. When it's not in use, flip the hook back up and the minimalist design helps it disappear into the door.

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StoxBox Hosiery Organizer

If your tights and stockings are all crammed together into one bin, making it impossible to find the pair you're looking for in the morning, invest in a set of helpful storage boxes designed specifically for hosiery. Some of the material is wrapped around the box (with rounded edges to avoid snags), so you can see the pair you're searching for at a glance. When every pair is lined up neatly in your dresser drawer, you'll never have to waste time searching for your missing stockings. Invest in a set number of these helpful hosiery boxes, and when one or more is empty, it's your cue that it's time to replenish your stocking collection.

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