7 Best Space-Saving Shoe Organizers

Two turquoise space-saving shoe organizers hanging in a closet

Whether you're dealing with a teeny-tiny closet or have a spacious walk-in, there's a good chance you're still struggling with shoe storage. If you're having trouble finding a spot for every single pair, or you're haphazardly throwing them in a pile at the bottom of your closet, these handy shoe organizers can help. Not only do they magically find storage space you didn't even know your closet had, but they provide a separate spot for every single pair, so you can always find the shoe you're searching for in the morning. Need one more reason to invest in some space-saving shoe organizers? When boots and high heels are stored properly, they'll last longer, so you won't have to replace them as often. Ready to get your closet clutter under control and make getting dressed in the morning easier? These closet organizers are here to help.

24-pocket shoe organizer that hangs over a door. photo

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24-Pocket Over the Door Shoe Organizer

Perhaps the most space-efficient shoe organizer we've ever seen, this over-the-door option can hold an impressive 24 pairs of shoes. Designed to hang on the back of your closet door, this clever organizer maximizes an underutilized spot in your closet.

To buy: $30, containerstore.com.

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Clear shoe organizer with two drawers with flats inside. photo

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Clear Shoe Drawer

Keep your favorite footwear in pristine condition by storing them in these protective drawers. They're clear, so you can easily spot the sandals you're searching for, and stackable, so you can pile them up without taking up valuable real estate on the shelves.

To buy: $9, containerstore.com.

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Brown wooden industrial shoe rack with two shelves and one pair of sneakers on each shelf. photo

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Industrial Shoe Rack

For those who want a shoe rack that's as stylish as it is useful, check out this wood and steel option with a sleek modern design. This minimalist organizer has two shelves for storing your go-to boots and flats, and measuring just 11 inches wide, it's the perfect piece to tuck in a small entryway. Line the rack with the shoes you wear most often so you can easily grab them on your way out the door in the morning.

To buy: $159, westelm.com.

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White shoe organizer with six tiers filled with a variety of shoes. photo

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Tower 6 Tier Shoe Rack

This steel shoe rack with a wood top is more than just an efficient organizer—it's a beautifully designed piece of furniture you won't mind leaving out on display. With six shelves, this unit can store up to 24 pairs of shoes, making it capable of holding even the most avid shoe shopper's collection. This shoe rack also comes with two hooks on the side for holding an umbrella, a scarf, or other essentials.

To buy: $100, ahalife.com.

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Aqua hanging shoe organizer with 10 shelves filled with a variety of accessories. photo

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10-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer

Even if you've run out of shelf storage, this vertical organizer that hangs down from the metal bar in your closet can instantly double your shoe storage capabilities. It holds up to 10 pairs of shoes, while tucking right beside the dresses hanging in your closet.

To buy: $15, bedbathandbeyond.com.

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White shoe organizer with a total of 10 cube shaped shelves. photo

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10 Pair Shoe Rack

Sneak this 10-compartment shoe rack right into the corner of your closet. Need even more storage? Place two (or three) of these racks next to each other to form an even larger unit.

To buy: $23 (usually $36), wayfair.com.

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