10 Genius Desk Organizer Ideas, All Under $30

Desk organizer on neat and tidy office desk

Whether it's your home office or your work cubicle that could use some decluttering, these clever desk organizers will help corral the chaos. Stylish file folders keep the paper pile in its place, while trays keep everything from paper clips to Post-It notes contained. With these desk organizers wrangling the clutter, you'll be able to work better in a space that's zen. Plus, with all of these organizers priced under $30, there's no reason not to splurge on several. Just think about how productive you'll be!


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Bigso White Stockholm Desktop Organizer

This stacking desk organizer comes with five compartments that hold everything from pushpins to rubber bands. The white set is sleek and minimalist, but if you're looking to infuse your office with a burst of color, this desk organizer is also available in gray, mint, and cherry red.

To buy: $15, containerstore.com.

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Copper Wire Desk Organizer

If your collection of folders, papers, and magazines is ever-expanding, keep it all corralled in this wire desk organizer. In a pretty copper color, it will instantly make any desk look much more polished. If you really want to look like you have it all under control at work, start by ordering this organizer.

To buy: $20, containerstore.com.

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Gold Wire Photo Clip Wall Panel

Keeping an organized desk isn't all just about what's on it, but also about using the space surrounding it. Rather than stash notes, to-do lists, and calendars on your desk where they'll get lost in the shuffle, tack up important notes on this wire clip wall panel. It makes use of blank wall space, and the modern metallic design will make even a stuffy cubicle feel more stylish.

To buy: $20, worldmarket.com.

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ClipNote Desk Organizer

Part note holder, part paperweight, part desk decor, this oversized paper clip lends quirky charm to an office that's all business. Tuck in a to-do list or a phone number, and this holder will keep all of your memos organized and in order. This would also make an excellent gift for your best work pal.

To buy: $12, anthropologie.com.

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Chair Back Storage Pocket

If your goal is to free up space on your actual desk, opt for this storage system designed to slip right onto the back of an office chair. It has pockets to hold books, file folders, even a mid-afternoon snack. While it's intended for dorm rooms, it would also work in any office that's tight on space.

To buy: $14–$24 (usually $24), pbteen.com.

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Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers

To prevent every drawer in your desk from turning into a jumbled junk drawer, invest in a set of simple drawer dividers in several shapes and sizes. Before you shop, evaluate your office supply stash, then buy enough drawer dividers to put everything from scissors to binder clips in its own bin.

To buy: From $3, containerstore.com.

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Document Box with Faux Leather

Keep important files safe in this sturdy document box with a faux leather strap. The canvas exterior and button closure make this piece look way more luxe than its affordable $18 price tag.

To buy: $18, target.com.

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Hastings Phone Caddy

Give your phone its own perch on your work desk with this designated phone caddy. Three compartments hold pencils, clips, erasers, and more, while the ledge is the perfect spot to let your phone recharge.

To buy: $11 (usually $30), potterybarn.com.

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Jerry & Maggie Desktop Organizer

It's a basic rule for maximizing a small home: utilize vertical space whenever possible. This organizing unit does just that. The wood display shelves can hold magazines, plants, your pencil cup, and tape dispenser, but thanks to its clever stacking design, it will only take up 12-by-6 inches of space on your desk.

To buy: $26, amazon.com.

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