The 6 Best Makeup Organizers for Small Bathrooms

The Best Makeup Organizers for Small Bathrooms

Fitting all your makeup into a small space can be difficult—especially because getting rid of your precious products is NOT an option. Below are the best makeup organizers on Amazon for keeping your things tidy and easy to get to.

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Odessa Home's Hanging Toiletry Bag

Technically, this is a traveling toiletries case. But adhering to technicalities is reserved for those with large bathrooms and ample shelving. This makeup organizer is lightweight, and you can hang it in your closet when you're not using it or on a towel hook or doorknob.

To Buy: $14;

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EllieZiar's Palette and Makeup Organizer with several shelves filled with makeup products along with a makeup brush holder photo

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EllieZiar's Palette and Makeup Organizer

This makeup organizer shelf set is thin enough to fit behind some mirror cabinets, reducing the amount of counter space your toiletries take up. Each shelf is also removable, making the little unit easily customizable depending on what specific items you're trying to store. It also comes with a free makeup brush holder.

To Buy: $16;

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Mirrotek's Beauty Armoire Makeup Organizer with Vanity Table

What looks like a mirror, acts like a mirror, and secretly stores a ton of other stuff you'd otherwise have strewn about? This makeup organizer system tucked into an over-the-door mirror. Multi-purpose decorations and accessories get a lot done in a little space, and this mirror is case in point. The plastic compartments are removable, so you can wash them with soap and water whenever you want, too.

To Buy: $130 (usually $300);

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Homdox's Mini Makeup Train Case Cosmetic Box with Mirror

Without a ton of bathroom storage, it can be hard to organize your makeup collection effectively and concisely. This aluminum and steel box opens up to display your makeup and beauty products like the fine jewels you consider them to be, and it's easy to pack up and keep in a different room if you don't have the space in your bathroom.

To Buy: $28;

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Removable tray makeup organizer in pink, orange, and blue in a white drawer photo

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Chris.W's Plastic Drawers Organizers with Removable Dividers

Another great way to minimize bathroom clutter and overcrowded counters is to tuck your belongings away. I don't mean shove them under your bed like the old me might have suggested—I'm talking about getting makeup organizers specifically created to fit in drawers and stay out of sight. These small storage compartments come in fun colors (doesn't that make organizing more enjoyable?), and you can mix and match which part of the 3-piece set goes in which drawer depending on the way your bathroom is set up. If you discover you have more room than you thought, you can always buy more to build on what you have

To Buy: $12;

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Listing's 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer