Nothing is worse than tossing and turning all night long. Incorporate these items into your sleep sanctuary and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

By Amber Katz
October 22, 2019
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Sleep takes a backseat to time spent on achieving our goals—and sometimes it comes second even just to our Instagram feed. When we’re busy, traveling, stressed, trying to maintain a healthy workout regimen, or simply burned-out, rest is the thing that gets negotiated out of the equation. Here, our tried and true recommendations, from the platonic ideal of pillows to a weighted blanket that will become a nighttime must-have.

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Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This mat and pillow combo contains hundreds of spike-like nodes for pinpointed pressure on your back, neck, and head to address aches and pains. Use it before crawling into bed to help alleviate soreness.

To buy: $20;

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Having a hard time getting some shuteye? Just spray your pillow with this and it may help you relax. The spray is made of essential oils—lavender, vetivert, and wild chamomile—that can help you fall asleep faster.

To buy: $29;

Manta Sleep Mask

Like blackout shades for your face, this comfortable sleep mask boasts memory foam eyepieces and an adjustable strap. Perfect for those who love lash extensions, this light blocker won’t put pressure on the eye area either.

To buy: $30;

Cooling Purple Pillow

The cool side of the pillow is every side of this pillow, thanks to its bizarre-yet-delightful temperature-neutral material that allows passive airflow. You wouldn’t think a squishy matrix framework would appeal when it comes to comfort, but does it ever.

To buy: $99;

BlanQuil Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is now your baseline level of comfort. Layer it over your comforter or use it in lieu of a throw for next-level naps on the couch. Best of all? Blanquil has a washable duvet cover that’s removable, so you won’t ever have to lug your incredibly heavy (after all, that is the point) blanket to be dry cleaned.

To buy: $249;

Slip Silk Eye Mask

Block light (which can disrupt your REM cycle) with this silky eye covering that will also allow your skin to breath throughout the night. The perfect addition to a night of beauty rest.

To buy: $50,

Casper The Glow Light

You don’t typically associate your standard-issue bedside lamp with sleep, but this one addresses a top environmental factor that stands between you and a good night’s rest: light. This tiny 5- by 3-inch light fades over 45 minutes (i.e., the perfect amount of time to read a few chapters of the books in that stack on your nightstand) or your customized time per your preferred countdown.

To buy: $129;

Madewell x Parachute Merino Travel Kit

Two of our favorite brands collaborated on a product to make sleeping while travel so much easier. Bring this travel kit with you on planes, trains, and automobiles. Both the eye mask and blanket are made of the softest merino wool.

To buy: $130;

Sense Sleep System

Don’t feel like you slept well, but have no idea why? From a detailed analysis of your sleep cycle to a light- and temperature- sensor, this smart system tracks your sleep patterns and can make suggestions on how to improve your rest.

To buy: $50,