Including a genius alternative to lint rollers.

By Katie Holdefehr
October 22, 2019
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Over the past few years, Scandinavian-inspired everything has been having a moment—in home decor, in fashion, and yes, even in cleaning products. It's perhaps no surprise that minimalist Scandi style goes hand in hand with a clean, decluttered space, and so even Swedish cleaning tools are functional, attractive objects worthy of display. Rather than cheap plastic tools that get hidden in cabinets and stashed inside closets, invest in these durable and (dare we say) stylish cleaning essentials that you can leave out in the open. In fact, you may even want to show these beauties off. 

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A Replacement for Paper Towels

A cross between a sponge, a dishcloth, and a paper towel, these reusable Swedish dishcloths are ultra-absorbent, will mop up every spill in your kitchen, and?can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Plus, they're biodegradable.?

To buy:?$8 for 2,


A Pretty Brush for Desktops, Tables, and Counters

You can't talk about Swedish cleaning tools without mention of Iris Hantverk, a maker of luxury home goods that are conceptualized by top designers and assembled by craftspeople who are visually impaired. Crafted using techniques that date back to the 19th century, these Swedish cleaning tools stand the test of time.?

One Iris Hantverk classic: this tiny (it's just 5-by-5 inches) tabletop dustpan. It's?intended for brushing crumbs off of dining tables, kitchen counters, and even the?desktop at your work cubicle.?

To buy:?$29,


Swedish Dish Scrubber

What looks like a miniature witch's broom is a natural alternative to your plastic dish scrubber. Made from tampico fiber (from plants that are unique to Mexico) and bundled together with twine, this durable brush will scrub every pot, pan, and plate clean.?

To buy:?$11,


A Swedish Alternative to Your Lint Roller

This gorgeous rosewood brush with boar and horsehair bristles puts the typical plastic lint roller to shame. Plus, the brush is gentler on delicate clothing than the adhesives on a sticky lint roller. It can also be used to get pet?fur off?your upholstery and remove dust?from lampshades.?

To buy:?$30,


A Chic Dustpan

Okay, so you probably do own a dustpan, but chances are it's not as stylish as this Swedish option from Iris Hantverk. The plastic dustpan is an elegant shade of gray, and the brush is horsehair with a wooden handle. The best part: the dustpan and brush nestle together, so they can be stashed neatly, saving space.?

To buy:?$41,