Hanukkah: eight crazy nights of festivity, delicious treats, and, yes, gifts. Here’s your one-stop shop for all of it. From the classic Hanukkah brisket all the way to the traditional Sufganiyot (fried doughnuts), we have traditional holiday recipes to take you the whole way through. And of course, it wouldn’t be Hanukkah without latkes—we have a recipe for a classic, crispy one, as well as five inventive twists for when you’re hoping to mix things up a bit. Looking for a new Menorah to light up the house? Whether you want to DIY or buy, we’ve rounded up some beautiful options. You don’t have to stick to just one—deck out your whole house with them. On the hunt for the perfect Hanukkah gifts? Check out our ideas for kids, tweens, teens, women, and men. There’s a little something for everyone, all on a budget that works for a holiday that lasts for more than a week.
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