Spooky season but make it sophisticated.

By Betty Gold
October 16, 2019

Whether you raided your little one’s trick-or-treat bag or you’ve got your own stash of sweets to conquer, we’re all in favor. Here’s one way to make your Halloween candy crushing session even more grown-up: pair each treat with wine. We promise you’ll die for these crave-worthy combinations. 

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups + Oloroso Sherry

Sherry’s toasty, nutty, caramel-and-raisin notes make it the ideal match for the chocolate and peanut butter perfection that is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Sour Patch Kids + Riesling

Sweet, sour candies like Sour Patch Kids work well alongside an aromatic, brightly acidic, and citrusy style of wine like Riesling.

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Starburst + Moscato

Be it orange, strawberry, lemon, or cherry, each sugary Starburst flavor will taste delightful alongside a sweeter Moscato. Go for a bottle with notes of honey, apricot, and/or green apple.

Kit Kat + Merlot

The malty chocolate in a Kit Kat pairs perfectly with Merlot’s rich, smooth fruit-forward flavor.

Candy Corn + Chardonnay

Go for an oaky, buttery Chardonnay. The richness of the wine will balance out the extreme sweetness of candy corn.

Gummy Bears + Rosé

Rosé’s light body and strawberry-peach profile complements sweet fruit-flavored gummy candies perfectly.

Snickers + Syrah

Nutty with notes of chocolate and a hint of spice—speaks for itself.

Butterfinger + Sauvignon Blanc

Each one balances sweet with a little sour, making them a match made in heaven.

Swedish Fish + Lambrusco

Lambrusco’s berry-cherry notes mirror those of Swedish Fish. They’re both bursting with fruit flavor and taste surprisingly refreshing when paired.

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