Give the gift of nostalgia with a chic twist.

By Jayla Andrulonis
November 14, 2019
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Before all the birthday parties and holidays of my childhood and pre-teen years, I would literally spend hours circling the racks at my local mall hotspot, Claire’s, in search of the perfect gift to get for my closest friends. These trips were something I subjected my parents to frequently (much to their dismay), but it goes to show I’ve always taken gift-giving as a serious task—and still have a soft spot for nostalgia.

Aside from relentless mall quests looking for the perfect fuzzy slippers or cotton candy body spray, homemade gifts were often my go-to method of choice—none more sacred than the elusive beaded friendship necklace. The nostalgic accessory still brings to mind memories of sleepovers spent sprawled out amongst a sea of multicolored plastic beads, stringing together a piece of coordinating jewelry I couldn’t wait to gift to my BFF or sport down the school hallways myself. 

So when I saw BaubleBar launched a personalized collection just before the holidays, I immediately knew how I’d be crossing names off my shopping list this year. The new collection has everything from nameplate necklaces fit for the Carrie Bradshaw in your life to completely customizable hair clips. To say it’s a gold mine of thoughtful gifts would be an understatement. But of course, the standout for me lies in BaubleBar’s customizable beaded bracelets reminiscent of the childhood classic. 

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Dressed up from their plastic beginnings, the beaded bracelets put a chic and stylish spin on the classic childhood accessory and come in both a glossy keshi pearl option, as well as a classic shiny gold finish. Not only can you adorn them with nicknames, inside jokes, and initials specific to each person, but since they’re surprisingly affordable at under $30, you can add in a set of coordinating bracelets to pair in a stack and take the ultra-personalized gift a step further. 

I’ve already decided that everyone on my shopping list, my brother and dad aside, will be gifted these custom beaded bracelets this year—they have just the right hint of nostalgia, and I’m stocking up while I still can. 

BaubleBar Custom Gold Pisa Beaded Bracelet?

BaubleBar Custom Gold Pisa Beaded Bracelet

To buy: $28;

BaubleBar Custom Pearl Bracelet-Ivory?

BaubleBar Custom Pearl Bracelet-Ivory

To buy: $28;